Thomas Blankers

Assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam

Elise Fruitet (PhD student)

Research Interests: My research focuses on the evolution of sex pheromone signal in Heliothine moth, more specifically on acetate esters variation in Heliothis sublfexa. A part of my project aims to better understand the genetic basis of acetates production. In this order, I'm tring to functionally characterize candidate genes that were identified with QTL analysis, by using CRISPR-cas9. Moreover, I also investigate whether acetates are costly to produce by conducting trade-off experiments on experimental lines, we selected to produce either high or low level of acetates.


Lotta Vaskimo (MSc student)

Thesis project: Lotta works on the genetic architecure of pheromone evolution in Heliothis subflexa. She is doing a QTL study using selection lines (selected for high and low levels of acetate esters in the sex pheromone).

Arie Ebbenhorst (Aeres applied university intern)

Internship project: Arie's project aims to identify how adaptive evolution in the nematode C. elegans affects assembly of their gut microbiome.