Thomas Blankers

Assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam

Isabel Rathmann (Postdoc)

C. elegans microbe interactions and the development of a predictive framework for genomic evolution

Emma Diepenveen (MSc student)

The predictability of genetic evolution during C. elegans adaptation to a new microbial prey

Ellie Wilson (MSc student)

The genetic basis of C. elegans - microbe interactions

Ihsen Lecat, Lille University (MSc student)

Reproductive isolation along a continuum of genetic differnetiation among C. elegans populations

Past students

Erdem Eren (Erasmus trainee)

The effect of microbial community composition on salt tolerance evolution in C. elegans.

Regina Magaña Vazquez (MSc student)

C. elegans - microbiome co-evolution in response to exposure to nematocidal Bacillus thuringiensis and high environmental salinity.

Eléa Cavignaux (MSc student)

The triadic interaction between environmental pH, compsotion of the microbiome and C. elegans behavior.

Jenneke Wijling(BSc student)

The effect of pre-adapted bacteria to C. elegans survival under extra-terrestrial conditions.

Manu van Wing (BSc student)

Covariation between abiotic factors, bacterial diversity, and Caenorhabditis species presence.

Canberk Köroǧlu (Erasmus trainee)

The astrobiology of host-microbe interactions – studying the effect of extra-terrestrial conditions on the behavior and fitness of C. elegans with and without microbial symbionts.

Lotta Vaskimo (MSc student)

Genetic architecture of sex pheromone variation in Heliothis subflexa.

Arie Ebbenhorst (Aeres applied university intern)

Genotype-dependent variation in C. elegans gut microbiome assembly.

Jerry Schouten (BSc student)

Parasite-dependent mate choice in male and female Heliothis subflexa.